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About Us

Thanks so much for coming to our web page!
We started Cloud Cannabis at a very exciting time - Cannabis users and enthusiasts are no longer "in the closet" as we once were, and now have more societal freedom and scientific evidence that allows us to share, discuss, and use Cannabis in an incredibly positive way. 
The countless tales of seizures, depression, insomnia (the list goes on!) that have been cured or controlled by the use of cannabis prescribed medicines are truly amazing. We're also extremely excited for the economic benefits this amazing industry is set to have in North America - new avenues for entrepreneurship, representation in the stock markets, new sources of income for our governments and social programs are all new opportunities we can all look forward to. 
We have taken it upon ourselves to continue to amplify this message through our educational, cultural, and forward looking content. 
Please don't hesitate to contact us, leave us your thoughts, comments, and ideas!
Much Love,
The Cloud Cannabis Team