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The Millennial Millionaires of Cannabis

by Julian D'Angelo |

Never before has there been a market whose emergence was so certain quite like the Cannabis industry. With only a handful of States that have legalized regulated recreational cannabis, it is not a matter of if it will be legalized but when. Colorado in 2016 grossed 6.7 billion in legal marijuana sales.

We sat down with Cole Hewitt, a 20-year-old Cannabis stock trader and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada, and discussed how he brought in just over $250,000 in 2016 by riding these early stages of the marijuana boom and its emergence in the stock market.

CloudCannabis: Cole, tell us a little bit about your involvement in the Cannabis industry and how you began trading marijuana stocks.

Cole: Well as a finance student, I always kept a close eye on emerging markets, especially in certain penny stocks I felt were part of industries set to explode. That, coupled with being a longtime Cannabis lover and enthusiast, I naturally learned everything there was to know about Canopy Growth Corp., Aurora Cannabis, MassRoots, etc. Several friends and I agreed when we felt the time was right, we would place a significant chunk of our portfolio into several of these stocks, and it paid off.

CloudCannabis: So do you feel that it was a big risk for you to do what you did, or were you fairly certain of the outcome?

Cole: Well after doing some research on the various companies, we decided to invest in those that had all the signs of longevity - a growing customer case, proven company leadership and significant investment raised. We knew that if we invested in these companies we might lose in the short term, but would certainly be safe in the long term. We saw the volatility as only being a concern in the short term.

CloudCannabis: Interesting, so would you recommend others to start investing now in these stocks, or do you think they missed the boat?

Cole: Not at all - like I mentioned before, a long-term play in the Cannabis industry should be considered a safe bet. As long as you have diversified portfolio among these companies, there is still time to cash out. CGC, the largest Cannabis company in the world right now, closed at 11.88 yesterday. I’m predicting by 2018 it will be sitting between $20-25 per share.

Update: As of December 19th, 2018, 1:34pm, Canopy Growth Corp, Ticker CGC, sits at $28.86.

CloudCannabis: But don’t you think there is still a risk, especially under the new Trump administration, that Marijuana might take longer to become legalized than we thought previously?

Cole: Well Trump definitely isn’t the best poster boy for Cannabis legalization, but I think even he knows that government stands to collect a huge amount of tax dollars from this industry. Even so, I can only see things getting delayed.

CloudCannabis: Do you have any advice you would like to give anyone thinking about getting into the Cannabis business?

Cole: If I told you in 1932 that by next year, alcohol would be legal in every part of the United States, would you invest in alcohol stocks?

CloudCannabis: Well, yes, I'm sure I would. 

Cole: Well that exactly what you've got here - remember it's not just the selling of Cannabis legally which will be lucrative, not to mention it will be extremely difficult to get a commercial license, but so many new businesses around Cannabis are set to emerge into the mainstream. Online distribution, mainstream marketing, digital products, thought leadership within the Cannabis industry ... it's all happening. You can either choose to watch other people get rich, or get on board.


Cole had some brilliant insights on where this billion dollar industry is heading. What new businesses will emerge and which Cannabis companies will survive remains to be seen. One thing we do know for sure is that a lot of money is being prepared to funnel into this industry, and there is no shortage of young, ambitious entrepreneurs like Cole ready to capitalize. 

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