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Cloud Cannabis Blog

How Much Money Does Vaping Really Save You?

If you’re an experienced Cannabis user, you’ve probably tried a few of the different popular methods to get high. You probably rolled joints as a kid, and maybe eventually mastered hitting bongs after a while. But now, with 2019 upon us, weed is making it’s way into the mainstream, and with that come some heavy upgrades to the tech we can use to smoke up. If you haven’t heard, vaping is one the most cost efficient ways to smoke. In fact, it uses less bud than hitting a bong, and a fraction of the bud you would need to roll a joint. But how much money are we actually saving on an annual basis? Let’s do some math. “Takes hit from Arizer Extreme Q” Let’s say a casual smoker will smoke 2x per week. The average joint requires approximately 0.8g’s to roll. That’s 1.6gs per week, assuming you aren’t in the sharing mood. Over 52 weeks in the year, that’s 83.2 grams of herb you’re smoking each year. Let’s say the market average is $10 per gram (this is pretty conservative depending on where you are in the world). Our cost of smoking two joints weekly puts us at a total cost of $830.20 per year for just two joints per week. A joint will get you anywhere between 10 and 20 pulls before it’s exhausted; we decided to see what the same exercise with one of our favourite desktop vaporizers, the Arizer Extreme Q, resulted in terms of weed use. We set the temperature to 375 degrees, and were able to load in approximately 0.75 of a gram. After 5 sessions throughout the week, we landed in the 35-50 toke range before exhausting our bud, every time. If we counted a vape toke to be just as potent as a joint toke, (in reality, it delivers more THC and is therefore more potent), then we are able to get roughly 2.5 to 3 times more pull out of a desktop vaporizer instead of a joint, with slightly less bud. What does that look like from a dollar amount? Well, we would only need to fill up our Arizer 41.6 times per year to get the same number of pulls from 104 joints in the same year. 41.6 x 0.75 = 31.2 gram = $310.20 There you have it. Using a desktop vape, you are spending $310.20 per year vs. $820.20 per year smoking joints, making vaping 264% more economically efficient than smoking joints.